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Strategies that helped 30+ brands gain thousands of loyal audience, increase Average Sale by 55% at 50% cost

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What Would you do?

scale business online

The Problem is  People try to do everything by themselves ! They have watched all tutorials, all courses and blogs but no Results! Why ? lets take an analogy. You cant be a life saving doctor without dedicating your life for it. Everyone has access to everything but we cant make it work. We dedicate our life in Scaling Businesses and we do anything to make it work. 

They All Ask Me The Same Question

"Can You Scale My Business?"

That's Why I Created:

Complete Marketing Package that produced Results Consistently!

These Proven strategies have generated 1 Cr+ In 6 Months for our Clients, Starting from Zero

sheik oli Result
sheik oli Result
sheik oli Result
sheik oli Result

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Scale your Business & Be Profitable

In 3 Weeks

Week 1

Building Your Brand

 I focus on laying a solid foundation for your success. This involves conducting thorough market and competitor research to understand your target audience better. Additionally, I create detailed customer personas to tailor your marketing strategies effectively. By the end of week one, we will have a well-defined customer acquisition strategy in place.

Week 2

Branding it

I dive into the realm of social media marketing and lead generation. I leverage various platforms to create engaging content and manage your social media presence. Simultaneously, I implement effective lead generation techniques to attract potential customers and expand your reach. Furthermore, I utilize WhatsApp and email marketing to establish direct communication channels with your audience, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion.

Week 3

Scaling it

My focus shifts towards automation and optimization. I develop a website funnel that guides visitors through a seamless journey, leading to increased conversions. Moreover, I design marketing and automation funnels to streamline your sales process and maximize revenue. Additionally, I implement upsell and cross-sell strategies to boost post-sales revenue. To create a buzz around your brand, I employ viral marketing techniques and foster community building. Lastly, I prioritize customer relationship management and retention strategies to ensure long-term success.


Get Engaging Content that Inspire, Educate and entertain your audience over posting useless unengaging content that adds no value in  their life!

Social Media Marketing

Case Study of one Business Model

*34000 Followers within an year

*40 lakhs in sales with Just instagram without any Ads  

*150 + 5 star Reviews Gained

300+ Testimonials from happy Customers

Paid Ads and Leads Generation

Ads that micro target people and generate quality leads

Facebook Ad  Structure
ad funnel

We dont Click Boost my page button

We Run ads with data and Analytics and Scale the best performers!  We are not only Certified by meta but also have proven record of Scaling Businesses

Ad Result
Ad Result
Ad Result

*generated millions in Sales

* Helped brands Build more than 87000+ Loyal Customers 

*Average ROAS 5:1

Backend Dashboard

Ad Result
Ad Result
Ad Result


Some of our high quality Funnels 

With 5+ years of direct-reponse copywriting experience, I've helped countless companies redefine their brand, improve their messaging, and increase sales across the board. I combine in-depth market research with a story-based approach to help people connect with your brand and compel them to engage with you.

Case Study of one Business Model

sales funnel strategy
Sales funnel demonstration

Email Marketing

Reach your Customers Directly on their Inbox and build your own Ecosystem without depending on Social Media Monopoly Giants

Quality Email Marketing that is more human and not just Sales

Email Marketing


that go through all Stages for Maximum Benefit

Ecom Example

✅ Welcome automation workflow
✅ Browse abandonment automation workflow
✅ Product abandonment automation workflow
✅ Cart abandonment automation workflow
✅ Order confirmation automation workflow
✅ Shipping confirmation automation workflow
✅ Upselling/cross-selling automation workflow

✅ Feedback/ Product review marketing automation workflow
✅ Birthday marketing automation workflow
✅ Customers Win-back flows
✅ Sunset flows
✅ Retargeting Emails
✅ Post purchase email flows
✅ Custom automation workflows

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Charges!

Build Scale and Automate your Business with less than 300rs a day


Build your brand online and Generate Sales
High Converting Ads
Ad Creatives
Lead Generation
Market Research
Competitor Research
Customer Persona
Customer Acquisition Strategy


Collaborate, Optimize,  Maximize reach and ROI 
Everything From Build Plan 
Social Media Management
WhatsApp Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Automation 
Ai Chatbot
WhatsApp Drip Automation
Cold Emails


Scale with Data and Analytics and build loyal fans
Everything from Brand Plan
website Funnel
Ecommerce Funnel
Marketing & Automation Funnels
upsell & Cross Sell and Post Sales
Viral Marketing
Community Building
Customer relationship & Rentention


Save time and money, don't code your landing pages
per month, billed annualy
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature


Collaborate, Experiment, Optimize,  Maximize reach and ROI 
per month, billed annualy
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature


Scalable publishing, Security and Personalization
per month, billed annualy
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that Our Proven Marketing Stragies help build brand and Scale your business. To ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind, we offer the following satisfaction guarantee:

If we couldnt reach the milestone as promised, we would work for the next 30 days for free

Being a Certified Marketer of Google, Meta and Linkedin and learned from Top Coaches Across the world we are excited to help you stand out from the crowd become a top Player

We are not Just Another Marketing Agency 

that just Build Cheap Websites, run Incompetance Ads or Post "Happy Diwali" Post on your Social Medias

I do Things  with Data and Analytics that direct your brand to grow, Scale and Build loyal Customers and Increase your Average Sales to atleast 30% in 3 months. You will know Exactly what your customers are doing with data and get all necessary information to grow your business. Dont just take my word, I have worked with 30+ brands across Different Niches from leading Edtechs to Web3 world.

Working with Sheik Oli You'll:

Have a high quality website that automatically filter your Visitors and gives you quality leads and Sales

build your brand through Educational, informational or entertainment content that relate with your Audiences

reach your potential customers with ultra targeted ads and make them curious about what your brand do

Convert your Visitors to Customers through targeted Marketing Strategies that fomos people to buy  Immediatly

Automate your Entire brand through backend so you have no useless annoying work 

Upsell your Customers and increase your Average Order Value by atleast 30%


Sheik oli is a marketing Specialist worked with multiple brands across different niches and helped them scale it online.

He has built 2 Businesses himself and Scaled it to 6 Figures. He specializes in Sales funnel, Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding , Copywriting, and content Marketing and Strategy, Ecommerce and Automation  that can increase your sales and average order value by atleast 60%.

He has more than 300+ 5 STAR Reviews in Google and 4.9 star Overall Rating. He has generated over half a Million in profit in 1 year.  He has over 40,000+ Followers on Instagram alone . His mission is to digitally scale 1000 businesses by 2025.”

Decide For Yourself

What do you want?

Not Scalable

Build a business that people dont trust

Running ads that aren't profitable

You will work only with 1-2 clients in a month

Message everyone online with no response

Investing months of time with no Results

Having a low Quality website that doesnt sell

Couldnt reach the right people

No Personal or Family time

You will have to do all the work yourself from scratch & get frustrated very often

Invest years & 1000s of dollars in learning Copywriting, Sales, Marketing , Funnels & Automation

Business in Automation

Build a business that people  trust

Running ads that are Most profitable

work with hundreds clients with huge profit

Your business Auto Qualify and Auto Sell

Start Seeing result in just 3 weeks

Having a high Quality Sales Funnel that convince people

Reach right people at right time

Everything is done for you

become one of the Top players in the industry

Having one of the best People who take care of all the Stressful work

Benefits of Using Proven Marketing Strategies

Increased Visibility

Higher Traffic

Enhanced Engagement

Quality Leads

Greater Conversions

Stronger Branding

User Retention

Sustainable Growth

Who is this For

Course Creators
EdTech Companies
Digital Content Creators
Online Fitness Coaches
SaaS Providers
yoga Trainers
Remote IT Support 
Online Coaching 
Healthcare Providers
Online Art Galleries
Real Estate Agencies
Travel Agencies
Financial Advisors
 Fashion Retailers
Interior Design
Legal Consultation
Beauty and Wellness 
Tutoring Services
Virtual Event Organizers
Online Food Delivery

and Many More...

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